Photos from Viborg

Aage - Solveig's dad - is born in 1914.

Right from his childhood Aage was intensely preoccupied with visual art and both he, his father and his brother were - next to being market gardeners - quite competent as painters. In Aage's youth in the 30's the photography took over as the major passion for figurative development.

Most likely from his grandfather and great-grandfather Søren has inherited both passion and skills for producing images. Today we're dealing with graphical design using the computer as the main tool.

We have picked out 14 black and white photos in Aage's archives of photos taken from 1930 to 1950, because we think they are particularly good and therefore deserves to be seen by the users of the internet.

View the photos as a slideshow clicking the buttons! The title of every single photo is listed below.

  1. Strawberryfield 
  2. Dachshundpuppies 
  3. Spiders web 
  4. The horse Musse 
  5. Hen with chickens 
  6. Lunch hour 
  7. Harvesting 
  8. Fair day 
  9. Picking apples 
  10. The Cathedral of Viborg 
  11. Winter 
  12. Winter 
  13. Winter 
  14. Winter 

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