Gallery - Skovbakkevej

Skovbakkevej is a new municipal development situated in the north-eastern part of Viborg - with a good view to the lake "Nørresø" and over the meadow with the architectural power plant in the background.
In year 2000 we built a new and a nice house and below you will find the latest photos of the house.

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You can find more pictures from this part of the town on the website belonging to the association of the house owners.

This is how the area looked like before the building took place This is how the house appeared during the bulding process in autumn 2000 This is how the house appears from the west side in summer 2002 The view over the meadow with the power plant in the background
The view over the north part of the lake Nørresø The front entrance on the west side of the house This is later going to be our japanese bed The backside of the house - the east side
The Petangue-field situated on the backside of the house View on late evening over the meadow View on late evening over the meadow

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