Who are we?

We are a Danish family resident in Viborg, which is situated in the center of Jutland - the main province in Denmark. Our family consists in 4 members and one dog.
Anne is 27 years old and she studies danish language as major subject and english as subsidiary subject at the university of Copenhagen. In the summer 2008 she finished Bachelor of Arts (BA). She is aiming at a career as a teacher on a senior high school. In her spare time she supplements her study grants with different small jobs.
Anne is very interested in music and literature and her usual high spirits have a positive influence on those around her .
Annes boy friend is named Christian.
Søren is 34 years old and after graduating the design-school in Copenhagen he has started his own firm - Rød font, which performs graphical design for companies, for theatrical performances and for advertising agencies.
Søren has a large amount of various interests like theatre, music, computers, design and film making. He is furthermore a talented photographer.
In his spare time he playes in the band d3m. The music of the band is available for listening on the band's website www.d3m.dk.
Solveig is 55 years old and she works as a leading nurse on the nephrological unit M 12-2 on the local hospital - Regionshospitalet Viborg.
Furthermore she is the mother of Anne and Søren. Beyond her professional life Solveig has a great interest in gardening and travelling. In her sparetime she goes in for running and fitness.
Niels is 60 years old and educated as a civil engineer. He works as a projectmanager in the contracting division at the company DS Stålkonstruktion A/S situated in Hobro - the eastern part of Jutland. Niels is married to Solveig and the father of Anne and Søren. Beyond subjects related to work, Niels has an interest for sportactivities, internetting, travelling and public matters.
In his sparetime he goes in for running.
Naya - our lovely dachshund - died regrettably last year.

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